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Our projects allow us to help people around the world, around the country and around the corner.

In and around Rochdale, we are active in the local community as well as helping international projects.  Our local projects include Youth Development as well as helping local charities through fundraising and hands-on assistance; along with community support.

Internationally we work with groups in Malawi and Kenya, support Rotary International to End Polio Now and provide start-up funding for small businesses.

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Funding to support the projects below is raised by holding events and raffles throughout the year and from donations received from supporters. If you would like to support our work in general, or a particular project from those shown below, please use the donate button.


Your donation will be made via the PayPal Giving Fund which is a fee-free service.

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Local Projects

The Geoff Butterworth Art Gallery

The Annual Cricket Dinner

Petrus Services & Garden

Just Music

Story Time Dads

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The Classic Car & Bike Show

Youth Development

Rochdale Foodbank

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Ascot Ladies Day for the NSPCC

Rochdale RSPCA

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International Projects

End Polio Now

Mercy Ships

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Urban Farm

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Lend with Care

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Rochdale Children's Moorland Home