Urban Farm & Accessible Edibles

This unique vertical growing system has been developed by one of our members and has been recognised nationally and internationally as an ultra-low cost method for producing vegetables and fruit. It requires no arable land and is particularly suitable when used in arid climates. We have carried out trials in Britain, Kenya and Bangladesh with very positive results and its development marks a new phase in Rotary's progressive ideas for the modern world.

Rochdale Rotary Club was given the 2010 National Rotary (RIBI) Rodney Huggins Environment award for innovative projects. Additionally UrbanFarm was been awarded the 2013 Colombo Plate Environmental Award.

For more information on the Urban Farm Project including how to fund and build the vertical growing system, visit the Accessible Edibles website here.

The webiste has been translated into Swahili by Sophia Nkatha Gitonga a member of the Rotary Club of Nithi, Kenya. The work was funded by the Diva Rotary Club of Chester, with special thanks to their member Stanley Fielding PHF - Past President of The Rotary Club of Rochdale.

Also Thank You to John Brooker PHF Member of the Middleton Rotary Club for all his support.

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