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Petrus provides a range of services to support people who are homeless or in housing need.

They provide accommodation and support for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. At any one time, Petrus can provide a homely place to live to 100 people in Rochdale and Oldham.

Petrus Incredible Edibles Rochdale (PIER) is a community allotment on Belfield Road in Rochdale

Community gardening brings people together from all walks of life. The allotment is open to the public to be used as a recreational space and hosts a range of events throughout the year that are open to everyone. Club members regularly help at these events.

At the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2019, Petrus had a double back-to-back garden and won a Silver Medal and the People's Choice Award!

The garden, Petrus' Paradise, was partly sponsored by the Rotary Club of Rochdale and was been designed by a team of staff, volunteers and services users from PIER who wanted the garden to reflect a service user's journey through life with Petrus. It's a fantastic opportunity to show what we're capable of achieving.

In 2021 Petrus once again built a garden at the Tatton Park Flower Show. Their exhibition, a double back to back garden titled ‘Full Circle’, featured innovative ideas for dealing with excess water to highlight the impact of flooding.

Repeated planting of bamboos along a back wall and a green roof on a seating gazebo to not only attract wildlife but help slow rain fall down, the garden was inspired by Rochdale being increasingly affected by flooding in the last few years.

Image of Petrus Garden 2021



Amid climate change concerns, Petrus service users, volunteers and staff designed the garden this year to reflect the need to go back to nature to find solutions. The features included in Full Circle can be achieved in almost any garden to reduce water runoff and the Petrus team shared what the community and gardeners can do to help the situation and become more flood resilient with visitors to Tatton Park.

Petrus was announced as the People’s Choice Award winner for the garden, which goes off a public vote and was also awarded a bronze medal.

Designed by Rachael Bennion and Petrus Community, sponsors of the garden this year were M&Y Maintenance and Construction, Regenda Homes, and The Rotary Club of Rochdale.

Image of the 2022 Petrus Garden

Petrus once again exhibited at the Tatton Pak Show in 2022, with the Rotary Club of Rochdale being one of the sponsors. The Green Front Garden won a Silver Gilt award. For more information about the garden click here to visit the Petrus website.

More information on how to volunteer, donate or support Petrus, and on the services it provides can be found on their website here

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